11 tips to save on your ski budget

11 tips to save on your ski budget

Here are some good ideas to go skiing cheap. Ski vacations for everyone are the goal of all skiers who love the mountains … Follow the guide with the experts at ski-planet.com!

Also, you need to be really organized ! Check out our what to pack for a ski season guide

Early booking in the first minute or early booking

There are limited time promotions in the fall and early winter season. When you book in advance, you will have more apartment options and more destination options. If you want to anticipate your ski vacation, you can benefit from a cheaper price during periods of highly demanded school vacations, for example. There is no fear for snow conditions, as cancellation insurance that does not have snow is proposed.

Last minute or last minute booking

At the last moment, you can find very attractive offers. Tourist residences generally need to optimize their filling, so you can book apartments with great discounts. Last minute departures have the advantage of offering reduced prices or, in any case, clearly down.

All-inclusive ski rental

Very practical to avoid stress when arriving at the resort, the all-inclusive ski formula allows you to ski with a relaxed spirit. Everything is already reserved and has discounts on all expenses: accommodation, ski equipment, ski lifts, ESF course, packed lunch.

Dates of stay in compensation

The holiday week from Saturday to Saturday is still the reference period, but more and more owners and managers of residences begin to offer skiing opportunities whose duration and date of arrival are variable. This flexibility allows you to better control your budget.

Weekend or short ski trip

Enjoy the joys of skiing for just a few days is possible. It is not necessary to spend all your money for a full week, just a short stay to clear your head and enjoy the tracks. A little break to break the work routine, it’s very nice!

Rent a large apartment

To reduce costs during your ski vacation with family or friends, you can gather and rent spacious accommodation. We recommend you book well in advance to have availability.

Book an apartment closer to the slopes.

Being a little away from the slopes and ski lifts, the rental price will be received immediately. It will inevitably be reduced compared to ski apartments. This effort on your part will be rewarded for a clear economy.

Go skiing outside school holidays

A ski holiday out of season will offer several advantages: a moderate price, no traffic jams to access the complex, fewer people on the slopes. You can avoid the crowds of school holidays and the stress of the crowd on the ski lifts.

The ski spring

In March or April, skiing is cheap and snow is of quality. The end of season promotions are numerous for both accommodation and ski passes.

Go skiing at the village resort

The interesting idea is to stay in a tourist town connected to a large ski area. You benefit from an affordable price and a typical environment while you have access to a prestigious sliding area.

Go skiing in the Pyrenees

Throughout the winter season, the Pyrenees are the massif that offers much lower rates than the Alps. For your well-being, you can also enjoy the thermal baths that are often near the ski resorts.

Thanks to all these tips, we wish you an excellent ski vacation!

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