how to wash ski jacket

how to wash your ski jacket

So it’s that time of year again when you head into the attic and dust off last years ski jacket. But oh no, your ski jacket isn’t clean, it’s dusty and need a little TLC, it needs a good cleaning. But how on earth shall we do this? Do not worry, you have come to the right place, in this article we are going to walk through how to look after and wash your ski jacket.

We, of course, do not want to wash the water-resistance cover from the pocket, these jackets have been built with keeping the moisture out. Therefore when it comes to washing your ski jacket, we need to take care. But maybe before we dig into that, we can discover why your ski jacket is so beautiful. You may even have fallen out of love since the last season, let’s rekindle the flame and see why your ski jacket is so cool!

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Features of your jacket

The temptation is to take out a small business loan and then buy the coolest, most new ski jacket on the market. Tossing the old one out in the garbage for good but we are here to tell you not to do that. You ski jacket is full of cool features and benefits you may not even know about.

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Before you toss it by the wayside, you should know, that if you bought your jacket in the last 5 years, it would be full of great elements that can be revamped, recycled upscaled and loved for a few years more.

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Keeping Your Phone Alive Before Putting In Washing Machine

Let me set the scene for you. You are up on the mountain for little riding session alone, just a few runs away from the family and your annoying friends. You put your phone in your pocket and by the time you take it out to change the song; (you, of course, need to select the right song to match the stoke), the battery had died.

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Shock horror, why not lay down on the floor and cry a little. But wait, don’t cry little schnuckums, if you ensure you put your phone in the right pocket, you can keep that battery alive for HOURS. By the chest (not the same side to your ski pass), you can pop your phone on the inside and listen to the high school musical playlist on repeat. ” we’re all in this together”. . .

Pit Vent Zippers

Are you a sweaty little piglet? That’s a shame but don’t worry, you are not alone, most people are sweating like crazy under their ski jacket too. Unless they are one of those weirdos with poor circulation that can’t even make the blood flow to their extremities correctly- losers.
But if you list up your arm to the gods, you will see your jacket has some fantastically places vents. These vents are going to keep you cool calm and collects and letting your jacket flap around with a sense of reckless abandon and stylish elan.

Snow Stops

Have you ever taken a fall on the mountain after the snowfall, eaten s**t as we say int he industry, it’s because you suck, and you should probably give up your waste of space? Sorry, we digress, what I am trying to say, is when you get up you are covered in snow, its got into holes you didn’t know existed, inside your jacket and into your soul.

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Well this is because you are an idiot and didn’t do up your snow vents, which is a shame, you should be better at adulting. Do up the snow skirt and improve your life.

Ski Pass Pocket

You are poor, going nowhere in life and you own nothing of value, but when you buy a ski pass for the week, you are now in possession of a feisty and expensive little piece of plastic. Guard it with your life, make your mum proud of you again and place the ski pass in the ski pass pocket to keep it nice and safe.

Pro Tips – How to wash your ski jacket

Your new ski/snowboarding jacket is water repellent and made out of a breathable material, which is awesome and necessary while shredding. But it does not act like normal clothing and needs some extra love when it is time to get it clean.
To keep the functionality of your jacket in tip-top condition for longer, you should avoid washing your jacket as much as possible.
Without getting too techy here…
Most of the jackets we sell are made out of an advanced Hydrophilic membrane, which is much more resistant against dust and dirt getting clogged up in the pores, therefore making washing less necessary.

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For Small Stains – Just Wipe!

You disgusting animal, why can’t you keep anything nice, everything you touch turns to crap. You eat a hotdog on the mountain, and you get mustard on your ski jacket, you have mascara soaked tears on your jacket when you didn’t land that cork because you can’t do anything right. Do not worry, you can simply wipe away those stains using Nikiwax or a makeup wipe and then it will be almost as if you didn’t screw up. Noone will know.

Instructions For Machine Washing Your ski Jacket

So the first step would be to read the washing label inside the jacket, right!?
If it allows for machine washing, here is how to go about it.

Close your pockets

Close and empty all pockets on the jacket.

Remember to close the zipper

Close the zipper and turn the jacket inside out.

DO NOT use bleach or harsh chemicals, preferably use a special detergent made for waterproof fabrics.

Wash only the jacket alone and Never warmer than 30 Celsius. Preferably on a low intense program.

Hand Wash Instructions

Maybe you don’t own a washing machine because you spent all your money on beer and w**d, that’s a shame but pretty typical of you. So, roll up your sleeves like the little milkmaid you are, and let’s wash your ski jacket by hand.

Step 1-3 are basically the same

But instead of choosing a gentle program, fill up a sink or a basin with cold water and your tears. Apply the special detergent for waterproof clothing or continue with a gentle detergent.
Leave the jacket in the basin and let it sink in for a while, let it soak while you think about why you plan to pay rent this month when you blew your last 100 on Then rinse it through clean water twice and squeeze out the water, do not twist or wrinkle it to get the water out.

How To Revitalise Your Jacket

Now, I don’t know why I am bothering to ask but do you have a dryer? Of course, you don’t because you are weak but if you do, simply pop the jacket int he dryer on a low heat for 30 to 45 minutes. If you don’t have a dryer, Quelle surprise, then pop it on a hanger and dry it outside.

That’s it, good luck trying to be a better adult, you are going to need it as you are really quite disappointing, yeh that’s right, I said it. . . Disappointing. But maybe if you can look after your ski jacket you can look after the mouse that lives in your mangey apartment, then perhaps work up to a dog, then maybe you can keep a boyfriend.

So let’s recap the steps

  1. take off your jacket
  2. have a good look at it
  3. admire it for its beauty
  4. take your cash out of the pockets
  5. count the cash and look forward to buying more ski gear
  6. place it in the machine
  7. turn on the button to start the machine, take off your boots and relax

You are reading how to clean or wash ski jacket or ski clothing.