what to pack for a ski season

What to pack for a ski season

Packing for a ski season can be a nightmare. We have the ultimate checklist to make sure everything fits in your suitcase. 

Never be afraid. We are here to help you with the checklist for packing the ultimate ski season. In addition, here are some helpful tips on how you can store all those bulky items in a single suitcase.

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Ski season packing

Trying to pack your entire kit in a 20kg bag is bad enough, but remembering what to pack is another matter. In addition, the shops at the resort require a small fortune if you forget a vital part of the kit.

This may seem a bit ridiculous, but countless people are trying to start their ‘rad’ season with nothing but a single suitcase. If you have a job with a tour operator or similar, you probably travel by bus, so you may not have the same restrictions you have on flights. However, there are likely to be some limitations that you should ask your employer before embarking on the journey of a lifetime.

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If you fly, you should not be afraid to increase your luggage to 40 kg. It may seem excessive, but you will need this extra space. Do not get on the old Easy Jet train and choose what you think are the cheapest flights because they charge you every extra flight you add. Try smaller companies like Flybe or Bmi Baby. You may need to continue to the airport, but you may be flying from a smaller airport such as Southampton. This means less hassle at check-in for the ski season, less waiting time and overall more enjoyable flight experience.


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If you have no equipment, you should not have too much stress. Most tour operator jobs will have the benefit of getting a free ski equipment rental. Otherwise, you can make friends with the ski rental colleagues and receive discounts. However, if you have some money left to buy a pair of bespoke boots (such as Surefoot), this may be the best decision you make. Although they may seem expensive, they are worth every penny for the season. You’ll kick yourself when you come out and have serious problems with your boots just because you’re not splashed out. Just think about your poor little feet!

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Snowboard/ ski. Shiny new outerwear is overrated. So you do not need a new wardrobe. Although a new pair of skis would not be wrong …

Ski Poles

Snowboard boots

Helmet, the helmet debate. It’s an ongoing discussion – so you should wear a helmet.


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Avalanche Kit 

Touring Kit

Eco-friendly reusable water bottle and Multitool


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What to wear

Ski/snowboard gear is essential, so you will have to remember to bring your ski jacket / softshell jacket (for the warmer months), salopette, ski helmet, ski gloves, caps that can be worn at the resort, safety goggles, neckwarmer, thermal leggings, base layer tops

Not to forget that you will not be on the slopes 24/7, so you will need to bring clothing for your night outs such as outerwear ( jacket and pants) .

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Whether you’re shooting at the bar or trying to snuggle up in a duvet after a yoga class at home – you do not want to be in full mountain gear. This selection of kits should be sufficient for each mood.

Drinking jacket to wear at the bars after your skiing trip of the season. Must be warm, so you do not freeze, but not too popular. There is a high probability that it will be accidentally left behind ski season packing before you leave a drunken night in which hunter bombs are repulsed. 


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Jeans / comfortable pants

Firm shoes or boots. To stroll around the bars or in the resort. Grip will be your new best friend.

Yoga pants / tops. Stretching is only important to keep a mountain goat smooth throughout the season.

An endless supply of socks and underwear. The time between the runs can be long.

Indoor shoes or slippers


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Toileterie and First Aid Kit

It is vital to remember to bring toiletries items, the season is long and you want to be prepared. Toiletries can often be very expensive in ski resorts. Make sure you bring essentials such as shampoo, deodorant and razor. There is nothing worse than having to smell at night, as if you had just come off the piste. Remember that sunstroke and sunburn are also a big problem in the mountains. Be sure to bring a high-factor cream. Once a day sunscreen is really good for skiing. Riemann does a good job. In addition, your skin in the mountains is likely to become much darker for all the tasty women, so you may want to wrap up some darker foundation as well.

Antibiotics, Living and working in confined spaces, the cold climate, the coughing of tourists and the likelihood of a nasty infection are high

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Earplugs, every day is a weekend in the mountains, and since almost everyone is housed in a shared apartment, earplugs are the most advisable.


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painkillers (Paracetamol costs £ 5 unlike 18 pence in the mountains), Your favorite cure for hangover and lots of it. Mine are baked beans, but Irn Bru seems to be a winner as well. What to pack for a ski season. 

First aid kit

Little gadgets to make your season a full success

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You may not have thought about the following:

An old (working) telephone – It is cheaper and more useful to bring a European SIM card and an old telephone for skiing.

Insert adapter / extension cable, everyone has too many chargers. These are very convenient in a shared dorm.

Mini sewing set 

Bank fees – Check the interest rates that your bank will have. Good alternatives can be the Post Office or Fair Fx cards.

Backpack (take away in the mountains and other important things – save $$$)

Laptop and external hard drive – fill it with every movie and TV series you can see and you will not just entertain – you will be the most popular person on the scene.

Condoms – we have to say more …

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Adhesive tape – from waterproof boots to costume support – duct tape is a must


You will thank us later …

 Yorkshire tea / milk / marmite (if you love it).

 Photos of friends and family and posters (decorate your room).

 Costumes (you may be able to purchase them, but it is worth packing them).


Hand cream.

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Hot water bottle / hand warmer.

hip flask.

Playing cards.

Additional alarm clocks: Since you need at least three alarm clocks that are spread out of the reach of your bed in the room, you need to wake up at 4 am after a long night to clean the toilets.

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What Not to pack for a ski season 

Well, maybe not fail, but if you spend a day in the mountains (admittedly very rarely), your favorite DJs or your hard drive with 5 seasons of Breaking Bad can make the difference. You have baggage restrictions, so keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity – and pack skillfully ..

You definitely will not need it if you pack for a ski season:

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High heels – snow and stilettos do not match. Trying to trudge through slippery snow before you even get into the slippery slide of a dance floor is a sure way to break a leg / knee / ankle. Stick to the clodhopper boots (preferably with crampons).

Any fancy dress (but bring a million pair of underwear / socks / black pants). It is difficult to carry something flimsy on the way to and from the bars without shaking. Seasonal life offers the perfect opportunity to rock a wool sweater on a club night.

Uggs – a word: mushy.

Own duvet and pillows.

How to pack for a ski season 

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Try rolling things in cylinders instead of folding them flat (sounds strange, but works!)

Pack things into other items – eg fill your ski helmet with items

If you take a board or ski, pack as much more as you can fit in this bag.

Pack items in sandwich bag, press out air – repeat!

Wear your ski jacket in a coach / airplane (it can serve as a blanket or pillow!)