What to wear for après ski picture

What to wear for après ski

What to wear for après ski

In mid-winter, when you live in Quebec, there are no 56,000 solutions for spring to arrive earlier. In fact, the options are limited to this: 1- Flee south (and if you do, stop counting the dodos on Facebook before the big game, annoys everyone: P). 2- Pay Phil the groundhog so that he does not see his shadow when he leaves his hole, a solution that has approximately 37% of possibilities of operation, exactly the percentage of reliability of the prediction of the famous groundhog in recent years 3 – The solution of the cancellation: realize that we have no choice but to spend four months of winter and decide to take advantage of it. And one of the bst ways to “kiss” the winter instead of complaining every time the snowflakes appear is skiing. Even better: après-ski.

If you planned to go a lot to the après ski, you should have a look to our article about what to pack for a ski season 

And if, like me, you find that après-ski is so (more important?) Important than skiing itself, here are some style tips, but especially comfort, to spend a beautiful afternoon / evening / night.

First, before leaving home, it is important to know what type of après-ski you will find. If you go to your usual mountain with some friends and are thinking of returning home after a couple of beers, you don’t need much preparation.

If you are going to spend a weekend in another city or if there is a risk that the après-ski lasts longer than the time you spend on the slopes, there are some must-see tours to remember:

Comfortable boots, other than your ski boots. It is much more comfortable, warmer and if, after a few drinks, you decide to dance, there is a 99.9% chance that you will not have fun if you stay with your ski boots. Ah! And no matter what you do with your boots afterwards, the label suggests that you refrain from turning them into an impromptu beer.

Another must-have is a kangaroo sweater (or any warm sweater other than the one you are going to wear on the slopes, as it may be soaked with sweat and snow). Additional style points if you dare with old-school type patterns and extra EXTRA points if you use it with as much attitude as they do:

A tuque and spare socks are also essential for an après-ski that continues later, so as not to keep the same wet clothes (and sometimes a funky smell in the case of socks).

If the après-ski stretches further and becomes a pure and simple party that can end late (hint: if you are in Tremblant and decide to go to P’tit Caribou), take the trouble to return to your room, take a shower and change. You will feel much more comfortable with a pair of jeans than with your ski equipment and you do not run the risk of losing your ski glasses because you have abused the amount of daily consumption recommended by us.

And finally, what is essential this winter: the clothes of the Canadian Olympic team! By the way, the famous mittens cost only $ 10 and a part of the money goes to the Canadian Olympic Foundation to help our athletes.

In that, good skiing, good après-ski and, above all, good luck to go skiing the next day if you’ve really spent the night in the little caribou!

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